About Ben

Photo by Kirk Hensler of  Hale Production Studios

Photo by Kirk Hensler of Hale Production Studios

I'm Ben Bowman. This is where I write.

I'm a graduate student at Stanford University in the Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies Program at the Graduate School of Education.

I'm writing one post every day to document my experience at Stanford. The people, the classes, the experiences, the ideas -- you'll find it all here. I'll also write about the stuff that helped me get here: influential life events, supportive people, and epic failures.

My professional background is in education and politics, and after grad school I want to find ways to bridge the gap between smart education policy and the sometimes-messy political process. If you've got ideas or want to work together, let's talk.

Oregon is and will always be home. That's where my heart is -- and it's also where my Labradoodle, Charlie, is living with my dad. 

I proudly serve on the boards of the Oregon Association of Student Councils, the Oregon Safe Schools and Communities Coalition, and the Redmond Proficiency Academy.

It’s dangerous to let a lot of ideas out of the bag, some of which may be bad. But there’s something that’s more dangerous, and that’s not having any new ideas at all at a time when the world is closing in on you.
— Albert Shanker